A family affair

Many of us really don’t have time for reflection as we seemingly are caught in an immense, perpetual wave of activity. But there are special days when it’s appropriate to catch a riff of retrospection and realize the world is a special place because of the people in it.Easter Sunday is a time for family, whether that communal time be spent in church or around a dinner table or both. It’s quality time spent with loved ones — a time to relax, savor and celebrate.Indeed, most of us accentuate the negative and secretly dread the moment when tragedy may come into our lives like a wrecking ball from outer space. Which is why we all need holidays to help usher in those too infrequent moments of appreciation for our loved ones and for our relative good fortune.The hard reality is that we all are vulnerable, fragile and pitiably unmajestic in a cosmic scope. But we live life in a human dimension, and the most hallowed part of humanity is fellowship with family.Well, I had better get back to my family. The time to once again be a laborer wielding a figurative pick and shovel can wait until Monday morning. In fact, it would be oh-so-nice to be able to remove the hinge on the door that opens tomorrow. As you can see, a mellow me is in no mood to bid bon voyage to today.