Competition Lite Trumped

Well, America evidently hasn’t lost its gulping, carnivorous appetite for wholesome cheesecake.NBC was back at the pastry counter Monday night with its presentation of the 54th annual Miss USA pageant.These competitions are as predictable as the sunrise. Judges evaluate contestants in swimsuit, evening gown and interview competitions.Last night the melodrama bubbled in a resounding crescendo — if your IQ happens to be in single digits. The probing interrogations by sugar schmuck co-hosts Billy Bush and Nancy O’Dell snapped all weak minds to rigid attention.The smorgasbord of celebrity pap was as abundant as the cleavage.For the record, Chelsea Cooley, Miss North Carolina, a 21-year-old brunette who says she sees a lot of herself in Oprah Winfrey, was crowned Miss USA. She will compete May 30 in the Miss Universe competition in Bangkok, Thailand.By the way, Donald Trump was in attendance. Like oxygen, The Donald is everywhere. It seems he and NBC co-own the pageant. Is there anything that Trump doesn’t have his pompadour in?