The latest candidate for Mother of the Year

The universe now can exhale, thank God, because it was beginning to turn blue from holding its breath. Yep, the global village that worships celebrities like tinsel deities no longer is shivering with anticipation.It’s official: Britney Spears has confirmed she’s pregnant. Now it’s bright skies for everyone, fortunately. Because we all just hate the sky when it’s the color of unpainted steel.Actually, the tabloids had this story nailed weeks ago. Spears’ expanding waist and bigger breasts were plastered all over their pages. People hungrily gobbled up all the preggers’ gossip about her. Of course, the more sophisticated celebrity watchers among us merely nonchalantly devoured all the speculation.Ever get the impression that celebrity is too much with us? Do we have to know every element, comprehend every component about the stars and those who love them?Personally, I’m glad she’s pregnant. Otherwise she simply would be terribly bloated.Obviously, her mind has been a tad bloated at times as well. Which would explain her bewildering behavior. Perhaps she became lightheaded after ascending too quickly into the rarefied air of pop diva.Spears married Kevin Federline in September. He has two children with his ex-girlfriend, actress Shar Jackson. Britney and the prolific Federline hooked up last year when he was a backup dancer on her tour and Jackson was pregnant with their son.Imagine the tumult in the world if Britney and Kevin’s paths had not intersected!This is Spears’ second marriage. She endured a 55-hour Las Vegas marriage to childhood chum Jason Alexander eight months prior to falling for Federline.Even though the bloom is off the rose of her career, Britney still is trying to be the most important swan in the ballet of pop culture. Which is likely why she and her loving husband are going to document their courtship in a new UPN reality series. The concept of that show, frankly, is somewhat intriguing. After all, reality seemingly has been a quaint anachronism in Britney Spears’ life for sometime now.