Sometimes it's best to see the world through a gray curtain

When Gutenberg finished inventing the printing press — and before the Earth could turn much further — he quickly printed the catchphrase: Truth is stranger than fiction.It still is, my friends.For instance, as I write this, red-faced federal officials are panting to plug a legal loophole that allows convicted rapists and sex offenders to receive Viagra paid for by Medicaid.Isn’t that a wonderful use of our tax dollars, Mr. and Mrs. America?Poor guys who suffer from erectile dysfunction have to buy their own Viagra. And then there are convicted felons who obviously have no erectile dysfunction issues and we’re giving them Viagra!Won’t Jay Leno and David Letterman get a rise out of this! We should be giving these sex freaks a good whiff of emasculation, not chemically fanning their hardly flickering flames.For society’s sake, we should be helping sex offenders exorcise their dark demons. These guys — and us — are better off when they’re visibly relaxed.Instead, we instilling in them — on our nickel — a passion bordering on the pathological.And we all know what happens when we put out fires with gasoline. All hell breaks loose as these perverts pretty much go gangbusters.Apparently this perverse loophole is an unintended consequence of Medicaid law. Whatever the technical mumbo jumbo, somebody should have taken a hard look at the details.In fact, if you read the Gutenberg Bible the next time you’re bored in a hotel room, look for another catchphrase: The devil always is in the details.