Idol time not necessarily the devil's playground

Dusty Rhodes, a self-proclaimed fat, bug-eyed slob of a pro wrestler, used to thunder from the ring: “I AM the American Dream!”Well, hardly, thank God. Otherwise, our dear Republic surely would be in the trash heap by now.Now, we have the “American Idol” competition holding America’s psyche hostage. Quite frankly, some of the past Idols have been false idols. Well, the wailing and gnashing of teeth across our land may end shortly. America could have a true Idol tonight. Live and in living color on Fox.The season finale starts at 8, so make sure the dishes and the kids’ homework are done before Ryan Seacrest flashes his pearly whites and Paula flashes her cleavage. Bo vs. Carrie. For all the marbles.Since this is my blog, I get to pick favorites even though I’m only good at picking my toenails.Although this whole business is ultimately decided by the vagaries of the voters in a mammoth parlor game of politics, Bo should be a slam dunk.Bo Bice is a Southern rocker with energy bubbling out of him. He spews charisma with every note, every movement.Carrie Underwood is a country singer whose strong voice is betrayed by a wooden delivery. Her stage persona is somehow robbed of vitality.Both have talent that hardly is threadbare. But Bo has style and substance — a dynamic double play.Not to mention that he’s skinnier than Dusty Rhodes.