The roots of destruction likely to sprout somewhere

Ever since 9.11 2001, we all somewhere within our core have been waiting for a doomsday sequel.The whip of that infamous day came down and left an everlasting welt on our hearts and minds.Granted, with the passage of time and with daily lives more raging than flood-bloated rivers, fear of another massive terrorist attack isn’t always percolating on the front burner.Still, like oxygen, it’s always there even though we can’t see it.It’s a fact of life in a world of lost innocence. And we also know that while we can stagger terrorists, we never can slay them all. There are just too damn many of them.So a sense of foreboding does flick its snake’s tongue in our faces from time to time, tormenting us while at the same time reminding us to always keep an eye out for a possible ambush.Of course, there have been a number of false alerts that have made us too cynical and too comfortable.In fact, talk of weapons of mass destruction is supposed to shiver our synapses, not awaken the scoffing critic residing within us. Well, a report released Tuesday spilled more fear and loathing on the soiled sunlight of our serenity. The chance of an attack with a weapon of mass destruction somewhere in the world in the next 10 years runs as high as 70 percent, arms experts predicted in a U.S. survey.Talk about some heart-stoppingly cold odds. After all, that somewhere in the world could be our backyards.The sight of a nuclear explosion by our grills and swing sets never will be confused with bonfire brilliance.None of us can accept the slap of mortality without a fight again terrorism. And nothing empties the mind of mindless clutter quicker than hearing cannon fire at dawn.Hopefully Tuesday’s report will serve as a wakeup call and restore the threat of terrorism to the crosshairs of our gun sights.