Howard Stern's day job a tad better than working in a salt mine

Some guys concoct concepts and have the world by the tail for the remainder of their natural lives.As Exhibit A, I bring you Howard Stern.Here’s an ugly, goofy dork of a guy who developed the radio shock jock persona into an art form.This guy has become a zillionaire by basically babbling on and on about sex.Not a bad gig … this guy feasts on fame and fortune simply by talking dirty to an endless series of babes, bimbos and twits who shimmy, shake and saunter into his studio. Never mind all those purists who claim a show like Stern’s is as out of place on the radio dial as eating a gourmet meal in a dumpster.Howard delivers boffo ratings. Folks out there with salivating hormones and a penchant for sleaze eat the show up. No matter that they’re likely wearing lobster bibs at the time.All of which means Stern’s advertisers have wallets big enough to house a supersized Wal-Mart or two.Of course, the FCC wasn’t thrilled having a show so blatantly seamed with sex airing on terrestrial radio. The FCC obviously prefers tapioca over salsa. So Stern is taking his smut talk to Sirius Satellite Radio in January.That obviously will leave a gigantic chasm on the terrestrial radio dial.Suddenly, there is all sorts of speculation on who the next Howard Stern will be. Or whether there can ever be another Howard Stern.Evidently, he is the gold standard of shock jocks, an icon of modern communications.That admission, of course, probably is as shocking to some folks as seeing Oprah in a thong bikini.