Christmas is a long time coming … and a blink of an eye going

Here it is, the day after Christmas, and I dare you to stumble across a Christmas carol on the radio.I always find it a matter of supreme irony that radio stations that have been blaring Christmas carols incessantly seemingly since early August or so completely put a muzzle on the format the moment Christmas night tolls midnight.Whatever happened to the Twelve Days of Christmas, the time between Christmas and the Epiphany?I guess that slice of time only exists in the religious world. The secular world moves on quickly from Christmas, sliding it into past tense like a drawer being slammed shut. A drawer, by the way, that will be eagerly and prematurely pulled open by next September or so.Oh, well. I guess there’s no reason to stay spongy with the spirit of the season now that it’s December 26th. We’re all too busy getting drawn to after-Christmas sales like vagrants to a warm shelter on a frigid night.Come to think of, I wonder if the Three Wise Men — Balthazar, Gaspar and Melchior — shopped at an after-Christmas sale for the gold, frankincense, and myrrh they brought to the Baby Jesus.