It’s too easy to target 2005 like an open firing zone

Want to know why they invented the calendar?It’s simple.So there could be some demarcation of time, thus giving pundits the opportunity to pretend they have the wisdom of seers.When the old year expires and the new year inspires, its time to review and preview.Suddenly, we have a plethora of junk commentary and snippets of file tape to choose from on our New Year’s Eve menu.Of course, the immediate reflection of instant history sometimes lacks the context belonging to archivists who allow their work to brew a bit.For instance, most years seem broken in spirit and body by the time December 31st rolls around. People are so giddy with hope for the new year that they usually give the outgoing year a quick black eye or two.And this year that compulsion is even stronger because bad weather knocked us around like a volleyball in 2005.The eternal war against terrorism and the Iraqi morass make it even easier for us to smell the desolation and pungent sweat of 2005.Wars seemingly without end have this nasty habit of making all of us feel the deadened clank of hope rattling within ourselves.Consequently, 2005 seems to be barely ambulatory as it gimps toward the finish line tonight at midnight.But we can’t write off 2005 as a total abyss where, if you fell into it, you would not hit one solid accomplishment on the way down.Some good things happened this year, as they do every year.We don’t even have to look beyond downtown Reading to see that 2005 did have some signature moments.For instance, the GoggleWorks and Sovereign Plaza are more tangible signs that Greater Reading is turning it around, even if too many young people still are swallowing bullets and the crummy creed of the streets.I’m sure we all can savor precious things about 2005 even as we relish the promise of 2006.Just keep in mind that a year from now 2006 will be staggering, too, looking like an old man wishing to be hit by a bus.But assuming Doomsday isn’t rude enough to intrude, there always will be 2007 to look forward to.Isn’t the calendar a dandy invention?