So much for domestic tranquility

Berks County in recent months has been plagued with several high-profile murders or suicides percolating from apparent domestic disputes. The apparent murder-suicide that abruptly terminated the lives of two Pennside housemates is the latest example that relationships suddenly can go lethally ballistic.Getting along with people we live with is a never-ending balancing act. Such dynamics can be as sticky as pine tar. Sooner or later, somebody, much like the circus folks with the shovels and wheelbarrows dutifully walking behind the elephants, is going to suspect they’re getting the short end of the stick.And if they’re really trespassing into the margins of emotional tumult, they snap with hissing velocity and punctuate matters with the flash of gunpowder.The bond between human beings seldom has the aura of blue steel. Often it’s about as stable as taffy. And when it pulls apart dramatically, it can leave nothing but wreckage in its wake, forcing their loved ones to swallow the scalding sadness.Al Walentis has blogged eloquently today about the John Reigle nightmare.But at the risk of piling on, I do feel compelled to wonder if the hermits are onto to something. They indeed may be lonely. But they are out of harm’s way.