The ever-elusive search for a bolt-lock on illegal immigration

Hot-button issues during election years are always fertile breeding grounds for entertaining rhetoric.For instance, the volatile matter of illegal immigration is boiling on the front burner these days.There are 11 million illegal immigrants in our country, and at least one or two of them are residing in Greater Reading.Some people consider these folks to be interlopers in our big trapeze act.The House passed measures that would make being an undocumented immigrant a felony and would erect a 700-mile fence along the 2,000-mile U.S.-Mexico border.Tough measures indeed to caulk the cracks, trying to prevent illegal aliens from oozing through the seams. Granted, some folks are finding those measures more difficult to swallow than a Corona or a Sol or a Dos Equis. Now the torch has been passed to the Senate to address the matter. The dynamics of the political infighting has the spinmeisters in full throttle as they perform the Mexican hat dance with their vocal cords. By the way, George W. wants to allow illegal immigrants to stay if they have a job that no real Americans want to dirty their fingers with. After all, business is business.Others, however, are taking a hard-line stance — calling for mass deportation of illegals. I guess that would have the trucking business revving its odometer. I’m surprised that nobody is screaming to erect a fence around Greater Reading. That could help stem the enormous churn of students in the Reading School District.Such a fence could serve as a platform on which to stage tunes, gags and anecdotes to entertain all the tourists flocking to our town.Of course, the trick would be to distinguish between the illegal immigrants and the tourists. Perhaps a citizen E-Z toll booth on the Penn Street Bridge may be coming soon.