When it comes to serving mankind, the balls apparently are in our court

Testicles historically have been somewhat important to mankind.Let’s face it: Without them, ancestors dating back to our Biblical forefathers wouldn’t have begat generation after generation after generation, etc.Besides their biological importance in begating, testicles have a vital psychological component as well.Before it became fashionable to send women to war, testicles frequently helped motivate men to charge hell-bent-for-leather into battle even though they knew they were soon to be so much mincemeat.Extrapolating matters, it’s not a coincidence that the sword and then the missile became phallic symbols.In modern times, testicles sometimes give men the gumption to stand up to the women in their lives.Of course, you may or may not be cringing by now that I’m blogging about testicles. Granted, it’s not a subject that usually is politically correct. But testicles suddenly are hot news because they just might be able to pinch hit for embryonic stem cells.If so, they could help us leap over a whole pile of moral, religious and ethical issues in providing a controversy-free source of versatile cells in treating such medical maladies as Parkinson’s, diabetes and spinal cord injuries.German scientists, who are especially adept at poking around in the lab, have found that the testes of mice can behave like embryonic stem cells. Embryonic stems cells are a good thing when it comes to combating disease. But they’re a bad thing in the eyes of many religious people, and George W. Bush, because human embryos are destroyed in the process of harvesting the cells.But German lab tests have found that the testes of mice can mimic the behavior of embryonic stem cells. And the German medical researchers are confident that human testicular cells can do the same.The only drawback to this would be the actual process of removing the testicular cells from a donor. I don’t know about my fellow men, but such a scenario leaves me with eyes glazed as a Krispy Kreme.I wouldn’t exactly be nuts about becoming a donor. But if such an ordeal translates into a giant step for mankind, I’m willing to stand up and be a man about it.