The messenger — me — muddled the message

Some of the readers who venture into my blogosphere accused me of being terribly insensitive yesterday because they mistakenly felt I was merely making light of the horrible tragedy where a man was murdered, dismembered and scattered throughout Berks County by, according to state police, his brother.Trust me: That emphatically was not my intent at all.I, like any other rational human being with a moral compass, was outrageously appalled by the horrific enormity of this crime. And for those of you who are faithful readers, you do know that I wax frequently with ponderous and hopefully poignant prose in lashing out against all the heedless and needless murders in our area.So yesterday in my blog I tried a different approach — mixing what I thought were dramatic irony and dark humor to make a compelling and critical point about this barbaric loss of human life.I sincerely apologize to those who missed the point. That’s my fault, not yours. I should have communicated the depths of my revulsion over this incident in a more effective and direct manner.