Something smells funny about the Great Stolen Sewer Cap Caper

All right, we all know that crime is slightly older than carbon.You’ve got people living together, you’ve got crime.Reading, of course, is no stranger to crime. But it’s usually the murders, the drive-by shootings, the rapes, the robberies, the car thefts and the drug trafficking that have folks walking around with a cage of rabbits in their stomachs. Now there’s a new crime in town: Sometime over Monday night thieves removed more than 20 brass sewer caps in south Reading.Who the hell was the executive producer on this one? Zat is zee question, Inspector Clouseau. Of course, zat is not zee only question. Another one: Why?Well, probably for their value as scrap metal.Whatever, just another strange chapter in the tales of Reading’s dark underbelly of crime.