A real copout in Shoey

Shoemakersville these days is in a real pickle. It has nary a policeman.Not a good thing, especially when they are sinister folks out there who have itchy trigger fingers who can’t resist the urge to scratch their criminal urges.Who knows what dastardly types out there could be ready to unleash a cannonade of unrelenting crime in Shoey?If you follow the news, Shoemakersville is without a police department because of legal fees involved in a dispute with its former police chief. The whole sorry mess has some folks hotter and louder than a Saturday Night Special.Sounds like Shoey needs a new hell-for-leather, pistol-packing sheriff in town.Since Rock Ridge is rather peaceful these days now that Mel Brooks has ventured into other comic adventures, perhaps Shoey could hire Bart as its new top cop. And if crime really runs amuck, Bart could always deputize Jim The Waco Kid to help out.Just a thought.