So much for California cool

Global warming remains a myth to some folks whose brains obviously melted sometime ago.But I wager few people in California these torrid days and sultry nights are disputing that our globe is getting hotter than a big vat of horseradish.The state is roasting alive from a scorching heat wave that is making electric meters spin faster than slot machine lemons. How hot is it? Well, it’s expected to hit 112 degrees in the Los Angeles area today.Which means flame-haired starlets are wearing hats, fearful their lovely locks suddenly will ignite.Oprah was spotted in a thong bikini at Hollywood and Vine. Only the fabric on that unfortunate bikini has been stretched tighter than the state’s power supply.Chauffeurs have ditched their tuxes in favor of flip-flops and tank tops.Ice cubes suddenly have the shelf life of discounted parachutes.Jay Leno’s chin has wilted at least two inches in the intense heat.Indeed, Hef’s Playboy Mansion no longer is the hottest place around. That would be the La Brea Tar Pits, which are oozing more goo than a 2-year-old with a bad cold.By now I betcha even the Governator is a big Al Gore fan.