Reading Railroad a Monopoly no longer

Time and change keep scraping fenders. The clock ticks, some things split. Still, there are some things that you would think would be here forever, ones whose penetrating roots would be intractable.For instance, the Reading Railroad being a staple on the Monopoly game board.Well, think again. While the Reading Railroad, which stopped existing in real life years ago, lives on in the Monopoly Classic edition, it has chugged into the terminals of oblivion in the upcoming Monopoly Here and Now edition.You read that right. The good folks at Hasbro, Inc., have derailed our link to immortality.Then again, perhaps it was poetic justice. After all, the Reading Railroad is kaput. And so is Reading, which now answers to the name of Greater Reading. Still, memories of the Reading Railroad will smolder inside some of us like a fire deep in an old mine.