Reading’s Kermit Cintron a real belter as a welter!

Since Reading Eagle boxing beat writer Don Stewart — who has adroitly picked up the local ring beat since the sportswriting heyday of the Z Boys (Tony Zonca and yours truly) — has KO’ed his blog, allow me to answer the bell.After all, we need to have some online open thread available to salute the storied accomplishment of Reading’s own Kermit Cintron.I realize there are almost as many alphabet world boxing titles these days as there are, well, letters in the alphabet. Nevertheless, it still was a shining moment last night for Cintron to win the vacant IBF welterweight championship.Cintron, a guy who packs thunder in his gloved fists, pummeled Mark Suarez in West Palm Beach, Fla., stopping him in the fifth round. Cintron seized control of the fight with single power shots in the third and fourth rounds. Then he began firing lethal combinations in the fifth, combining rights and left hooks as Suarez did a bang-up impression of a heavy bag — welterweight-sized. After Suarez took a knee for a knockdown and an eight-count, Cintron moved in for the kill behind a swarm of unanswered shots to the head before the ref stopped the carnage at 2:53 of the fifth round.Congratulations, champ! You’ve done Reading proud.