The Eagles are now so bad they have an otherworldly quality to them

For a few fleeting years, Andy Reid’s Eagles mesmerized us even they always eventually disappointed us.Now they simply demoralize us.Let’s face it, last season was not just an aberration due to the T.O. insanity and enough injuries to make the ER at Reading Hospital seem as vacant as City Park at twilight.Simply put, the Birds no longer own a time-share in the world of the NFL elite.That was painfully vivid today as the Eagles played like the munchkins from Oz. They were so putrid that the Linc couldn’t have smelled worse if somebody had littered it with a zillion cartons of rotten eggs. I mean, how the hell do you explain the 13-6 loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars, a team that had lost the previous week to the woebegone Houston Texans?The Birds, who came into the game averaging a league-best 417 yards a game, had no offense Sunday as they lost their third straight game.They managed a mere 229 total yards – a paltry 164 before the last drive – against a Jacksonville defense missing three starters. The Birds were as listless as coma victims all afternoon. On the other side, the Eagles’ defense was facing a Jaguars’ offense that was playing its backup quarterback. No matter. David Garrard hardly had to unholster his gun. All he had to do was hand the ball to Fred Taylor and Maurice Drew, who rushed for 103 and 77 yards, respectively.Indeed, the Jaguars were just full of mischief at the line of scrimmage. They kept lunging for the Eagles’ throats, who in turn kept gagging. The Birds were so weak up front they had better spend more time in the weight room. And if any of them are sneaking steroids or humane growth hormone, their suppliers are ripping them off. The Jagwires — as so many clueless announcers mispronounce them — so completely dominated the time of possession (holding the ball for a whopping 37 minutes); you would have thought they were playing a game of keep-away. So now the Birds have finished the supposed easy portion of their schedule at 4-4 going into their bye week.Actually, they took an early bye today.And now — barring some divine intervention from the Man Upstairs — they can say bye-bye to their playoff hopes. Stick a fork in the Birds. They’re done. Who would have thought they’d be cooked before Thanksgiving, let alone Halloween?