Dreading, PA we ain't

In my blog yesterday I tried to put our city’s awful crime situation into perspective.Which, simply, was that while we absolutely need to muzzle the gang-bangers and dope dealers with itchy trigger fingers, we can’t continue to cower in a funk and proclaim, “Oh my God, the heavens are raining bullets and we’re all about to die,” and then allow our fear of the violence to paralyze our town’s revitalization.People with tombstones in their eyes can’t see the big picture.Obviously, judging by the tenor and tone of the comments to my blog, a lot of folks missed my point. Perhaps Reading needs more instructors to teach reading comprehension.My whole premise is we need to avoid falling victim to a gloom-and-doom mentality. The crime problem, as alarming as it is, must be put into a viable context.And what we can’t do if we want to continue our city’s economic upturn is to delve into tabloid sensationalism like the Philadelphia Daily News did today. Piling on the problem smothers perspective.Instead of wasting our time crying fire, we need to turn a firehose on the flaming problem. Which is what our mayor is trying to do. Like all squalid tales, it unfortunately takes time to reach a happy ending.