City crime apparently is giving all of us here in Greater Dodge City an identity crisis

In case you missed the memo a while back from the tourist folks, all of us in Berks County now live in Greater Reading.And from a destination perspective, the name change makes sense. Georgraphy isn’t a sexy subject anyway, so most people are only familiar with the names of cities, not counties.For instance, could you name what county Butte, Montana resides in if your life depended on it? Just in case someone has a handgun to your ribs (we’re knee deep in guns around here, you know) and is demanding a quick answer, Butte is the county seat of Silver Bow County.I wonder if Silver Bow Countians just call themselves Greater Butte?Why bring all this up again? After all, the Greater Reading concept has been with us for sometime now.Of course, there still are people who are trying to adjust, having been conditioned for years that there was a Reading and there was a Berks County and never the twain shall meet — even though Reading is the county seat of Berks. Damn those details!Well, old habits die hard, I guess.For instance, County Commissioner Judy Schwank said yesterday that city crime has to be addressed countywide before it shoots holes in our economic development.She has a point. Pray tell, at this rate the only manufacturing around here could be restricted to bullets, handguns, bulletproof vests, coffins and burial vaults.Just had a flashing thought: Why not call our town Boot Hill? Then we all could be part of Greater Boot Hill. Aside to the Visitors Bureau, I was just joking 🙂 Anyway, back to Judy Schwank on crime when she said: “If you think you can escape it because you live in Bethel Township or Hereford Township, that’s not the case. We’re part of the greater Reading circle. It’s something we should all work together and deal with.” Her referencing of Berks as Greater Reading did not sit well with Commissioner Mark Scott.”There is greater (name) recognition with cities,” he conceded, “but sometimes it’s better to be a little less well-known if what you’re associated with is a negative. We need to cast ourselves in the best possible light to enhance our economic opportunities.”Then perhaps we should call ourselves Greater Heavenly Acres.Which is a step up from Greater Boot Hill, don’t you think?