Perhaps McNabb and the Eagles aren't on a collision course. But they could be scraping fenders!

Andy Reid says Donovan McNabb is NOT suffering through a winter of discontent. He claims reports that McNabb is squabbling with the team over his rehab and that some Eagles prefer Jeff Garcia as the starting quarterback are pure fabrications.McNabb’s agent, Fletcher Smith, echoes the party line.Granted, there may not be a fire. But perhaps there’s smoke, generated by Reid canceling McNabb’s news conference last Friday.The perception, of course, was that Reid was pressing the mute button on McNabb in a clumsy attempt to throw a sheet over the Birds’ crackling cage of friction. Personally, I don’t think the alarm systems are shrieking inside the Eagles’ nest. McNabb, when healthy, definitely will be the starter. And Garcia could leave via free agency if he gets a shot at a starting gig.Still, McNabb and his mother are sensitive people. Who knows what sniping little psychiatric terrors have been popping up in Donovan’s minefield while he has been sequestered without control? While the Eagles were making their dramatic run to the playoffs without him, McNabb likely was ambushed by insecurity and anxiety.Now the big question is: By the time the regular season rolls around in September, will McNabb still need a periscope to a world that suddenly has grown alien to him?