Tabloid speak: Congress was in session

I used to think the smartest person in the country had to be the president.Of course, I no longer think that.Now, I’m not sure who the smartest person is. But I’m pretty sure it’s not Ryan Seacrest.However, I do know who the cleverest person is. Actually, it should be the cleverest people because I’m talking about the headline writers at the two New York tabloids — the Daily News and the Post.It’s downright decadent to be that utterly clever.If I were as clever as they, you’d be reading this blog on — well, perhaps someday if I take my dictionary to bed every night and wrestle with it.But I digress.A headline in the Daily News today caught my attention. Caught my attention? Hell, it flashed right off my PC screen and digitized itself into both my retinas!It reads: ‘Factory’ is seen as fully unionized The article it headlines is a typical serving of tabloid gossip: Sienna Miller and Hayden Christensen, the costars of “Factory Girl,” supposedly “actually coupled on camera” as the Daily News put it. Priceless!