I'm feeling a draft

One of THE most important days on the calendar this year is Saturday, April 28.That is the day when yours truly will be named King of the Universe.OK, just kidding. Nothing quite that galactic in scope.But almost.The first day of the NFL Draft is Saturday. Nothing that will happen on that particular day can transcend it in importance. Trust me, it’s a really, really big deal.Which is why countless newspapers, magazines and Web sites have been publishing mock drafts almost daily for about the past two months. As of 3:45 p.m. this afternoon, a Google search unearthed exactly 121.6 trillion published mock drafts.Hey, nobody loves the drama, the intrigue, the gamesmanship and the ramifications of the NFL Draft more than I do. I was a draft junkie even before it was televised on ESPN, even before Terry Bradshaw invented the Internet.But I think all these mock drafts are absolute nonsense — a colossal waste of time.Nobody in the universe can tell you how the draft will unfold. The draft has a domino effect. How the pieces, er, players fall is dependent on who was plucked previously. One hiccup in its biorhythms can render a mock draft as useless as Andy Reid in a limbo contest.Speaking of Andy Reid, his Philadelphia Eagles — assuming they don’t trade up or down — have the 26th pick in the first round. The odds are that Reid will select a lineman — he does most years. He has affinity for big, fat guys. Surprise, surprise.Anyway, not even Reid at this juncture knows who will strike his fancy at No. 26.But the mock drafters do. But these alleged draftniks have little consensus. For instance, various mock drafts have the Eagles taking one of the following:Safeties Reggie Nelson of Florida, Michael Griffin of Texas, Brandon Meriweather of Miami, Sabby Piscitelli of Oregon State, Eric Weddle of Utah.Defensive ends Anthony Spencer of Purdue, Jarvis Moss of Florida, Charles Johnson of Georgia.Cornerbacks Aaron Ross of Texas, Darrelle Revis of Pittsburgh, Marcus McCauley of Fresno State.Linebackers Lawrence Timmons of Florida State, Jon Benson of Miami.Bloggers Al Walentis, Jason Weitzel, Dana Hoffman. I was only kidding about the last group.I think.