The McDonald's murder: What a senseless waste of life

A mutation of fear is the byproduct of any senseless, high-profile murder in our city. And it leaves a cage of rabbits in the stomachs of residents.The July 18 shooting death of a woman working the graveyard shift (how sadly ironic) at the drive-through window of the McDonald’s restaurant at Ninth and Spring streets has hung like a dark, wrinkled curtain over the face of our town.And now police have charged two city residents — including a 15-year-old boy identified as the gunman — with the heinous crime.Fifteen? God help us all.Xavier Rodriguez-Colon told police he killed Shawnee Koch during a botched robbery attempt. Yonel Hernandez-Payero, 28, told the cops he drove the stolen car used in the shooting.Shawnee Koch’s life was tragically snuffed out at 40 in a clumsy attempt to grab a few crummy bucks from McDonald’s.If convicted, Rodriguez-Colon and Hernandez-Payero essentially tossed away their lives.For what?