Walking to school ain't what it used to be

Today’s front page of Berks & Beyond reports that some Muhlenberg School District parents are angry about a busing change that may require their children in Saylor Farm Estates to walk about two miles to school.First of all, walking to school is a tradition that’s slightly older than carbon. Your grandfather likely walked 10 miles to school. My dad told me he walked 5 miles to school … uphill both ways. He didn’t mention that he must have also flunked geography. Not to call our ancestors liars, but some of these obviously were tall tales. Not mine. I actually did walk about 2 miles to high school. Granted, my legs were well-rested because I had walked a grand total of a block to grade school for eight years.But as you may have noticed, life’s a funny old raccoon. People and things change more frequently than Victoria’s Secret models change underwear. People used to accept hardships in life. Now folks have a bruised-by-life quality about them.As for the kids in Saylor Farm Estates, I imagine those 16 or over likely have their own car or access to kids who do. Car pooling is a great way to develop social skills. For those kids under 16, Mom and Dad likely can adjust their schedules a bit to transport their offspring to school. Parents can also take turns ferrying neighborhood kids to and fro.If kids do get stuck walking, well, it could help burn some Supersized calories off of ’em. After all, there are more porkers in America than cell phones.Then again, school starts so early for some kids today that they could be walking to school in the dark. And with pedophiles and predators seemingly being spawned in record numbers, this is a legitimate concern for parents.Home schooling, anyone?