Cue up the funeral procession for Penn State

So many colorblind folks around here whose eyes normally see everything in blue and white are only seeing black today.Because the significance of Penn State’s football season faded to black Saturday when the 10th-ranked Nittany Lions inexplicably were executed by Michigan 14-9.Indeed, there had been legions and legions of Pennsylvanians vibrating with anticipation over the Lions’ chances for a sensational season.But that all changed yesterday with their loss to the Wolverines. Yep, it was an extinction-level event.It seems as if a black cloud settles over Joe Paterno like a shroud whenever he plays Michigan. He’s lost to the Wolverines nine straight times. Perhaps he suffers from arthritis of the mind whenever he lines up against them. Whatever the reason, his Lions play with all the poise of a drunk wrestling with a crab claw against Michigan.I don’t want to suggest that time has passed JoePa by, but the guy does listen to fifes and drums on his iPod! There’s absolutely no excuse why Penn State couldn’t score a touchdown yesterday. Michigan had allowed 73 points and 1,011 total yards in losses to Appalachian State and Oregon.Both teams had gone through the Wolverines like Sherman through Atlanta, Hitler through Poland and Mexican food through your digestive tract. Only Notre Dame had come a cropper against Michigan, and the Fighting Irish are so godawful that even the Vatican has questioned whether there is indeed a God.The Lions drove inside the Michigan 25 five times and couldn’t reach the end zone. That is so outrageously atrocious it had even atheists looking to the sky for answers.Actually, despite my all theological references, this was hardly a religious experience for overmatched Penn State quarterback Anthony Morelli. He hardly was a passing fancy yesterday, tossing for a mere 169 yards on 15 of 31.This guy has to become more of a gunslinger, develop more of a killer instinct in the red zone. Perhaps this kid should go by Tony, not Anthony. Italians called Tony (i.e. Soprano) seem to have a pretty good track record when it comes to pulling the trigger.Well, enough said about the Nittany Lions. Their season is over.