Explosive Eagles make the Lions – and all our jaw muscles – lose their grip

The Detroit Lions came to town surprisingly undefeated.And left town as fleeced lambs.I guess they were frauds of the first rank, not even good illusionists as NFL players.Either that or the Philadelphia Eagles’ throwback powder blue and yellow uniforms turned the Lions lime green with nausea.A third explanation could be that the Birds bartered with Beelzebub (the devil to all you non-Biblical scholars). Whatever actually happened before all of our very shocked retinas, it sure was lively entertainment. Which, of course, was appropriate for a resurrection. Exhibiting an uproarious appetite for destruction today, the Eagles transformed the Linc into one Petri dish of manic energy as they dismantled Detroit more viciously and dramatically than Japanese automakers. I believe the final score was 56-21, but I’m not convinced the Birds haven’t yet stopped scoring. Philadelphia, its offense MIA in opening 0-2, played on the ledge of immortality in a first half that should be preserved for posterity on a postcard. The Eagles scored on their first five possessions en route to a 42-21 lead. So much for the Eagles being more decimated than an M*A*S*H unit.Brian Westbrook, despite a supposedly gimpy knee, had a crackerjack of a first half, dipsy-doing for 102 yards rushing and 98 yards before intermission. He finished with three touchdowns, two of them in the first quarter. Alas, the perpetually porcelain-fragile Westbrook injured his ribs in the third quarter.Donovan McNabb, so bad in the first two games he probably couldn’t have thrown in the towel if he had wanted to, threw away his knee brace and threw for 381 yards and four touchdowns. His passing numbers could have been incredibly astounding if Andy Reid hadn’t backed off the accelerator in the second half. The Detroit secondary looked dumber than an ash tray in the opening 30 minutes as McNabb – normally as accurate as my arithmetic – was a dazzling 14-of-15 passing for 332 yards. In fact, he completed 18 straight passes at one point before throwing an incomplete pass in the end zone in the third quarter. He finished 21 of 26 and muted all talk – at least for a day or two – of his imminent demise as the Eagles’ starting quarterback.Granted, it is a bit of a stretch — even for the notoriously negative Philadelphia fan base — to criticize perfection. And McNabb finished the game with a perfect 158.3 passer rating. In fact, there were times when his performance exceeded perfection. More like a 158.7.Then there was wideout Kevin Curtis, the free agent burner the Birds signed in free agency in the offseason. You remember him. He’s the guy who couldn’t separate from DBs even if he had a crowbar in the first two games. Today the dude was a stiletto between the ribs of the Lions’ soft zone coverage.He had a whopping 11 receptions for a staggering 221 yards, including touchdown catches of 68, 43 and 12 yards. He had a spectacular 132 yards receiving just in the first quarter.Hell, even Shakespeare didn’t have opening acts better than that.So how do we put this off-the-margin Eagles’ victory into perspective?We don’t. We just savor it. And lament that we likely will not see its kind again for sometime.