Two lifesavers are true super heroes

People get up in the morning and figure they’re facing just another rather pedestrian and mundane day at the office.But some days are different than others. Days that usher thunderbolts into lives, perhaps altering them forever. Of course, as people brush their teeth and look in the mirror in the morning, they have no idea what those eyes staring back at them may see that day. Jay Eckenroth of Bern Township and the Rev. Keith Yeager of Rehrersburg probably were no different Monday morning.They likely had no clue they soon would become heroes. Heroes with all the swagger of action movie stars.But when they saw a flaming 18-wheeler barreling down Route 183 in Penn Township yesterday morning, it wasn’t a scene from a Schwarzenegger or a Stallone flick.This was real life throwing a gigantic fireball right at them and the quiet life as they knew it was coming horribly apart before their very eyes. Their retinas could feel the heat of the moment.To their credit, neither Eckenroth nor Yeager even blinked. Their eyes never even had time to spill with tumbling demons of terror.Indeed, they were too busy responding in an amazing heroic fashion to what was a cruelly cataclysmic situation.They jumped from their cars, ran to the burning rig, and using a baseball bat and a tree branch, smashed a window on the rig whose doors had melted shut. And then pulled the trapped trucker, Clifford Samsel of Douglassville, through the window to safety. There is a haunting quality of timing in life. And death. A mere 30 seconds after they rescued Samsel from a burning hell on earth, the truck’s fuel tanks exploded, engulfing it in flames.Eckenroth had been standing on one of the tanks during the rescue.Had it not been for Eckenroth and Yeager, Samsel would have been incinerated beyond recognition. And if the tanks had exploded a few tantalizing seconds earlier, Eckenroth and Yeager would have been toast as well. But God must have been looking after them.God apparently blesses heroes.And the heroism of these two men was absolutely breathtaking.