The dark side of the holidays

Now that Thanksgiving is receding into our rear view mirror, the steamy breath of the holidays is upon us.I love the holidays. What’s not to love when there’s plenty of food, drink and parties involved?Granted, Christmas shopping hassles can be sniping little terrors that are a psychiatric goldfield. But since I generally buy only gift certificates, I don’t work up a residue of cold sweat over shopping. But I don’t completely escape the angst of the holidays. I am sick and tired of holiday decorating. I find the whole concept of adorning the exterior of your home with more lights than a casino to be rather ludicrous. I mean, how many lights were there on that stable in Bethlehem?Nevertheless, I have strung up enough lights over the years to keep the boys pumping electricity at Titus Station working overtime. Not willingly, of course. Only because my better half has shamed me into it so our neighbors won’t think I’m a Scrooge.Bah humbug to that nonsense!This year I’m serious about not hanging outdoor lights. No more boiling over in anger as I dangle from the ladder while high winds turn the surrounding trees pulpy with fear.All in the interest of global warming and our inflated electric bill.I just hope my wife lets me get away with it.