Hey honey, can you spare a dime?

When it comes to the economy, I’m clueless. Listening to experts discussing economic indicators is as senseless to me as listening to Larry, Moe and Curly debating in Latin.
So I was somewhat surprised to read today that the American economy has been very gender specific in recent months.
Indeed, while men’s economic fortunes are flickering like fireflies, women apparently have no restrictor plates on their wallets.
To be succinct, men are plunged in a recession; American women are not.
From last November through April, women gained nearly 300,000 jobs while men lost nearly 700,000 jobs.
So why is prosperity for women bursting with a hormone surge while depression in men is spreading like poison ivy?
Males are concentrated in two economic sectors that are getting beat up worse than a pedophile in prison — manufacturing and construction. Females are concentrated in two sectors of growth — education and health care.
It’s enough to make a guy enroll in nursing school.