"Sex and the City: The Movie" has America under siege

Well, folks, today has finally arrived. Perhaps the most transcendent day in the history of American women.
“Sex and the City: The Movie” is in a theater near you. As we type this, chicks are cleaving crowded lands of traffic getting to their favorite movie house.
The hype surrounding this flick has been building for weeks. It began sounding like the roll of distant thunder and continually spiked in volume until it crescendoed in our living rooms as Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon appeared on every TV talk show in the land in recent days.
To say that the “Sex and the City” franchise from its HBO heyday has been pure catnip to women — and, yes, a lot of men, too — would be a gigantic understatement.
“Sex and the City” has been a candlelit oasis in the dark night of despair afflicting American women who can never be too thin while busy juggling careers, children, husbands and households.
What’s not to like about a show or a movie that depicts hot women who are hot for sex and wear gorgeous clothes and who look as if they have their hair styled on an hourly basis.
Thread any fabric with beauty and style and we’re talking the height of fashion, friends.
Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda are the fab four. Scratch that. The true fab four of Sex and the City are style, sex, sass and shallowness.
Of course, since I carry all the heavy macho baggage of being Zeke wherever I go, you won’t see me going to the theater to catch this movie (although I regularly watched the series at home). I will have to wait for it come to PPV and in the interim just get the scoop from my wife, who will see it in the movies with a girlfriend.