If Weis can sell six-packs, everybody in Berks will sport six-packs like Matthew McConaughey

Frequently the news around here has a the-sun-came-up-at-dawn … ho-de-hum quality about it.
Then there are days when the news is so shocking that those among us over the age of 21 need to don a pair of ER lifesaving shock paddles.
And when such startling news is so resoundingly good that it leaves many among us smiling with a glow that lights the air around them, so much the better.
Today is such a day.
For the record, Mother Nature wanted it to be cloudy today in Berks — especially Spring Township. But if you have poked your nose — more importantly, your eyes — out the window today, you have noticed that we are dappled in glorious sunshine.
Because of today’s news that Weis Markets has applied to Spring Township to begin selling beer in its store in the Broadcasting Square Shopping Center.
If the township and the PLCB approve the transfer of a state liquor license to the Weis store, the supermarket would be the first in Berks to sell takeout six-packs as well as individual beers to those eating in its cafe area.
Of course, in most states, selling beer in supermarkets would be as newsy as dog bites beer distributor. But Pennsylvania, as thirsty folks all know, still is stuck in the 18th century.
Besides the convenience, one-stop shopping where a guy can buy his beer and potato chips at the same place saves gas money. Indeed, the last time I filled my tank it left me as pale as a pearl handle. And left my wallet an even whiter shade of pale.