Camp Happy dawns for the Eagles

It’s always nice when they’re happy campers, whether they’re Boy Scouts or NFL players.
Except for Brian Westbrook and Lito Sheppard, money being the root of all evil, the Philadelphia Eagles should be happy campers this year at Lehigh. Even if it’s a perfectly lovely place to melt to death.
The real camp actually starts Thursday when all the vets are supposed to be there, and apparently that will include Westbrook and Sheppard.
But the rookies, young backups and the quarterbacks got to camp last night and Andy Reid was in a mellow mood, especially with all his draft picks signed, sealed and delivered.
Reid, whose campers do more hitting than the Phillies do in batting practice, is giving his thirtysomethings a break this summer and will give them every third morning off during two-a-days.
Reid’s blissful state of mind may unravel just a tad after the first ACL pops like a violin string. Especially if one of them belongs to Westbrook or Donovan McNabb or new wealthy cornerback Asante Samuel. Nothing like a major injury to a marquee player to screw up a head coach’s serenity beyond repair.
By the way, I always love the eve of training camp when Reid, in tribute to the “Can You Beat Zeke?” contest that I quarterback, sports a Hawaiian shirt. In that outfit, the porcine head coach looks more like a vacationing CPA of casual opulence than the guy you would send out to kill James Bond.
Or dethrone the New York Giants.