Chihuahuas make great pets

I don’t think I’m barking up the wrong tree when I say that nobody should have a pit bull for a pet.
I know there are some folks who claim if you raise pit bulls properly or neuter them they will have all the fight and bite of goldfish.
Yeah, right.
The other day a pit bull attacked his owner in Amity Township and wouldn’t stop chomping on him even when hit on the head with a shovel, stabbed in the neck and back with a kitchen knife, and shot several times with a stun gun.
The damn dog wouldn’t stop munching on the guy until a cop shot the pit bull dead with a rifle.
Trust me, there ain’t a poodle in the world who bleeds that much aggression. This dog could have been useful in Iraq or Afghanistan.
Anybody who owns a pit bull and also has kids at home is simply breeding trouble.
So chew on that!