"The Dark Knight" is so dark you can't see what happened to The Joker

I caught the Batman flick “The Dark Knight” over the weekend and I’m not surprised the Caped Crusader is kicking all-time butt at the box office.
The movie is awash with violence and action as The Joker’s MO is using anarchy as a gunpowder to blow up civilized society.
And, yes, the movie is so dark that I felt as if I was watching it through the black sockets of a skull. Which sort of left me with cold, clammy fingers.
Two complaints, however.
One, Batman’s voice sounds like a bird trapped inside a tenement building.
Two, what the hell happened to The Joker? There is no visual evidence that he was taken into custody after Batman saves him from plunging to his well-deserved death.
What I didn’t see was what Andrew Klavan of The Wall Street Journal saw. He thinks the movie is a tribute to the fortitude and moral courage of George W. Bush in a time of terror and war.
I’m not sure even Dick Cheney would buy that.