Shaken by earthquakes and rattled by cell phones

If we all lived forever, do you realize how difficult it would be to get a decent tee time or dinner reservations at a reasonable hour?
Not to mention that the traffic gridlock would be ungodly.
Which is why the Grim Reaper is always lurking somewhere, gleefully waiting to thin the herd.
Apparently the dark angel in black soon may be working considerable overtime, especially in California.
As you know, sooner or later the “Big One” is going to shake, rattle and roll California more violently than an entire invasion of heavy metal bands.
There was a magnitude-5.4-earthquake near Los Angeles yesterday. And Las Vegas oddsmakers who double as scientists on weekends calculate that California faces a 99.7 percent chance of a magnitude-6.7 quake or larger in the next 30 years.
Hope those folks have good life insurance.
Especially if they use cell phones. An international group of prominent doctors and health officials warns that cell phones may cause brain cancer.
And a healthy brain is a good thing to have unless you’re in telemarketing.
So if you live in LA with a cell phone glued to your ear, you damn well may die in LA sooner than you would like.