The city's RiverView: Not so fast, Eddie!

It’s good news to hear the city won’t jump into the pool with master(?) developer/(pipe?)dreamer Fast Eddie Giannasca II.
Rather, officials prefer to dip their toes one at a time into the reservoir-deep $2.8 billion RiverView development on Reading’s south side.
The city wants to proceed in small parts so the whole town doesn’t suddenly submerge like some scuttled giant gondola in the Schuylkill River.
A prudent move, it says here. And just when did King Solomon join the administration? Crack City Hall reporter/gumshoe Don Spatz must have missed that scoop.
In fact, prudence dictates the city allow Giannasca to build only one room per month for the first year. After all, the onus is on Giannasca to give a good accounting of himself so he can gain the faith of our city fathers.