Giving Joe Biden a plug or two or three or etc., etc.

I’m not all that big on hair since I don’t have an abundance of it.
Of course, in my mind’s eye I have a bunch of blond, surfer curls. Unfortunately, in my mirror’s eye I have thinning blond hair that loves to stand at attention in the morning. Perhaps to salute the flag or something. I guess I have patriotic hair.
Which brings me to another patriot with hair issues: Joe Biden, he of the coyote ugly hairline. If Biden had been at the Battle of Little Bighorn, the Sioux would not have even bothered to scalp him. What Indian warrior would want Biden’s scalp on his teepee trophy case?
Biden, of course, wasn’t at Little Bighorn since he already was the senator from Delaware by that time. He began representing Delaware moments after Washington crossed the Delaware. And now he’s Barack Obama’s running mate.
Somebody please alert the Division of Trivia, please. The Democratic ticket is the first in history to feature a black and a hair transplant survivor. You can look it up.
By the way, picking Biden means Obama was only kidding when he began crying for change months ago. Biden is such a Washington insider even his pancreas gets invited to all the right parties. The only thing this guy changes is his underwear.
As the presidential election grinds on, it will be interesting to see how Biden’s hair holds up. If the Dems are smart, they won’t let him campaign on windy days.