Obama's magnificent night doesn't erase all the questions

It was his grand moment. It was his grand stage.
And Barack Obama unleashed an aurora borealis of a speech in accepting the Democratic presidential nomination last night.
His oratory was a terrific testimony to the intoxicating power of eloquent expression.
His virtuoso performance was one of matchless splendor and spectacle in a stadium of unfailing theater.
Obama flexed his muscles, demonstrating that the Democrats aren’t just the party of Oprah. Obama took it to George W. Bush and John McCain with an aggression that rose like summer heat off two-lane blacktop.
We all know Obama has the style. The perplexing question is does he have the substance? He truly is a galvanizing figure. But can he deliver us from the evil of the past eight years? If we follow him, will it lead us all to the promised land? Or will we all succumb to a siren song?
Looking for the answers figures to be one helluva adventure.