The Eagles come up so small against the Redskins you may need a microscope to read this

The stars seemingly were aligned for the Philadelphia Eagles to control their own destiny in clinching an NFC wild-card playoff berth.
When San Diego slapped Tampa Bay silly Sunday, the Birds suddenly could claim a spot if they beat Washington late Sunday afternoon and then Dallas next Sunday.
So much for all of that. What befell the Eagles was a more stunning transition than going from armed robbery to probation.
Philadelphia lost to Washington 10-3, a game that had the odor of a deceased carp.
Now the Eagles have to beat Dallas and pray the Oakland Raiders stun the Bucs next week in order to make the playoffs.
That double play strikes me as unfathomable.
The Philadelphia offense was comatose today, moving to the strains of a Strauss waltz.
The Eagles must have been wearing invisible boxing gloves because they dropped eight passes, four by rookie DeSean Jackson.
Jackson’s biggest drop came in the dying final minute when he let a potential 40-yard touchdown bomb clang off his hands in the end zone. There was no excuse for the killer drop. Donovan McNabb, for once, threw a perfect ball that you could have hung wash on.
And the final coup de grace transpired on the game’s final play when Reggie Brown’s 17-yard reception ended on the 4-inch line.
So close. So far.
All of which left Eagles fans trying to punch their shadows.