When a house is more than a home

As we all know, the economy is deathly ill.
Unless Barack Obama can figure out a way to slip the economy a couple of aspirin and have it call him in the morning, the economy figures to be coughing and wheezing for sometime.
So people are diversifying. The more revenue streams you have the better. Even if some of them are mere trickles. Every drop of income adds up.
Since I spend a little time each day surfing the Internet in a never-ending quest for blog material, I came across a story today about how ancient Greek homes doubled as pubs and brothels.
Which got me to thinking. OK, I know that can be a dangerous thing. But please indulge me for a moment or two.
If a guy chose to turn his home into a combination cathouse/speakeasy, winking at such nuisances as liquor licenses and zoning ordinances, he could reap some extra income and not get flak from the Mrs. for never being home.
Granted, there always is an asterisk or two to trip you up. A brothel doesn’t have to have rooms that resemble those at the Ritz-Carlton, but you likely will have to redecorate a couple bedrooms and install a nifty wet bar in your basement. Plus, your foyer likely will be choked with boisterous Bubbas. And with all that drinking and carrying on every night, you won’t get much sleep and will be a bit bleary eyed when you report to your day job.
Nevertheless, these are a small price to pay to increase your income and the value of your home. And your neighbors won’t mind all the riff-raff if you entice them to become regular customers with a good-neighbor discount.