So is New Jersey one big felony?

Oh vey!
Tony Soprano, where are you?
As graft stings go, this whopper has even the damned in hell thrilled they are living there instead of the bowels of New Jersey.
A sprawling corruption scandal that involved the sale of a black market kidney for 160 grand, oodles of bribes and God knows what else has resulted in the arrest of 44 people, including three New Jersey mayors, two state assemblymen and five rabbis.
Is nothing sacred anymore or is everybody gone meshuggenah?
Orthodox rabbis acting like crime bosses? My God, Woody Allen is banging out the screenplay right now.
Piles of cash were shipped around like Christmas hams (OK, maybe a bad analogy with the rabbis and all). One corrupt payment of 97 grand was stuffed in a box of Apple Jacks cereal.
All this has led to mazel tov time for media outlets mining for wow stories that are too good to be made up.
So the next time you kvetch about crime and government around here, remember it could be worse and you could be living in Jersey City.
To paraphrase that late philosopher Sonny Liston, I would rather be a lamppost in Reading than the mayor of Hoboken.