Older white guys used to rock — then the world turned upside down and they got rolled

Once upon a time, white guys over 55 were large and in charge. They were at the peak of their earning power and work experience.
In previous recessions, veteran workers usually escaped the chopping block.
But white dudes with some white in their hair are taking it on their sagging chins in this recession.
Yep, they now are the poster boys for joblessness. They’re reduced to riding bikes in the park to pass the time of enforced idleness and to avoid the honey-do list at home.
White guys over 55 had a record 6.5% unemployment rate in the second quarter, far above the previous post-Depression high of 5.4% in 1983.
And when you lose your job when you’re old, it’s more difficult to learn new tasks that even a well-trained chicken could pick up. Once some geezers are out of their comfort zone, they usually work as well as a Styrofoam hammer.
Their options are limited. They are too old to be guitar gods, too frail to barrel-roll F/A-18 Hornets and too slow to floss rhinos. And the world already has enough folks selling Elvis wristwatches and Okefenokee time-shares.
So if you’re white and over 55, hang onto your job as it were your lifeline for survival.
Because it is.