Two pilots were flying along just fine till the sandman apparently came

They say flying is safer than driving, and I do believe that. After all, there are a lot more terrible drivers than pilots out there.
Of course, there are some pilots without a rag of credibility to their game.
For instance, Northwest Airlines Flight 188 from San Diego to Minneapolis took a just a tad longer than expected Wednesday when the pilots overshot their destination by 150 miles.
150 miles!
Even my mother doesn’t overshoot parking spots by that much.
The pilots were out of touch with air-traffic control for 78 minutes. The pilots told the FBI they had been in a “heated discussion over airline policy” and lost track of where they were.
Yeah, and they also tried to sell the Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan Island to the feds for 24 bucks and some jewelry trinkets.
Not surprisingly, they’re investigating whether the two pilots fell asleep at the controls.
That probe should last about 78 minutes. Come on, what do you think? Their eyelids likely had to be pried open with crowbars.
The solution is to ratchet up the music in cockpits to the screaming point.