The Eagles, already counted out for dead, actually appear rather lively — thanks to the ghoulish corpses masquerading as the Redskins

OK, we all were throwing dirt on the Eagles’ coffin a week ago after they committed suicide against the ghastly Raiders.

Now the Birds still may be dead, but at least they’re dead men walking.

Granted, that simply may be because the Redskins are beyond stone cold dead. They’re deader than the Dead Sea. Deader than Adam and Eve. Deader than covered wagons. So dead that Obama now is calling their plays.

The Eagles, despite falling asleep with the rest of America in the second half, etched a 27-17 victory over the Redskins Monday night in our capital.

It was capital punishment. They should have played Dylan’s Tombstone Blues throughout the slaying.

It’s not that the Birds were that awesome as executioners. But a couple of big plays by dynamic playmaker DeSean Jackson and newly acquired linebacker Will Witherspoon put a stake in the bloodless hearts of the Redskins.

Jackson, quicker than a hiccup, burst 67 yards for a score on an end-around and snagged a 57-yard TD strike from an otherwise misfiring Donavan McNabb.

Witherspoon was Johnny-On-The-Spot (if you remember that phrase, you soon may be dead) with a pick-six return off a tip and created another dandy turnover.

Guess what? The Eagles, who have played a bunch of pansies so far except for the surprising Saints, are very much alive in the NFC East at 4-2. Of course, now they have to play some teams who actually have a pulse.

Take a deep breath and see what develops for the Iggles, who definitely are playing second fiddle to the Phillies these days in the City of Brotherly Love.

And how come nobody ever calls Reading the City of Brotherly Love?