Ethics and House members make for strange bedfellows

It has been an Interesting Friday on Capitol Hill, to say the least.
Call it Black Friday. And that reference has nothing to do with Halloween.
A House ethics report was uncovered by the Washington Post on a publicly accessible computer network and the fallout has unleashed a cauldron of ghoulish and scary stuff.
Early coverage of the leaked report focused on the investigation of seven members of a powerful defense panel. But more details are emerging about investigations of dozens of other lawmakers.
Give the Post bulldogs a shovel and those folks can dig halfway to China in a hiccup. The Post has unearthed that the ethics office has reviewed the tax records of at least four House members representing California and New York for allegedly receiving thousands of dollars in tax breaks from the state of Maryland after claiming primary residence there.
Rep. Heath Shuler (D-N.C.), a quarterback bust as a No. 1 pick of the Washington Redskins years ago, is also being probed for receiving preferential treatment in a land deal.
Politico says the “ethical dust storm will empower the Republicans and could imperil efforts to get health care reform through the House next week.”
So what’s the chances of the swine flu causing House members to call in sick for awhile?