A gibbering specter: An actual comeback win by McNabb and the Eagles

After some distinctly sordid and depressing performances this seamy season, the Eagles and Donovan McNabb targeted Sunday night’s tilt with the Bears in Chicago as a must-win game.
So they were unmindful of the past, uncaring of the future, existing only for the moment.
And the focus worked with a 24-20 victory in which McNabb, no longer a producer of impromptu dramatics, led the Birds to a come-from-behind fourth-quarter triumph for the first time since the Chinese invented fireworks.
McNabb chucked for 244 yards against his hometown team and LeSean McCoy scored the winning touchdown on a 10-yard run following Antonio Dixon’s block of a field goal attempt.
McNabb was 5 for 6 on the go-ahead drive, with his precision setting up McCoy’s touchdown bolt.
Besides the clutch performance by McNabb, what also was different Sunday night was the Birds weren’t using up acres of everybody’s time by foolishly passing all the time. With a renewed focus on the running game, McNabb was able to exploit the Bears with play action passes. He completed 90 percent of his passes off of play action, including two touchdowns.
Imagine that: The Eagles had a smart game plan for once and actually executed it. Which is why nobody this morning is in favor of McNabb’s or Andy Reid’s execution.

Recommendations of fewer mammograms and Pap smears put a cancer bull's-eye on women

What’s up with the medical professionals and the government seemingly throwing women under a bus?

In fact, there are bus stations that smell better than limiting cancer screening for women. And if women are being sacrificed to prune health costs, that smells worse than a hangover.

First a government task force recommends that women wait until 50 to get mammograms and now the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (can’t begin to wonder what that school’s mascot is) says women need fewer Pap smears because cervical cancer grows slowly.

Granted, cervical cancer isn’t something that a woman develops over dinner.

Still, mammograms and Pap smears are sort of like a prevent defense, like going on patrol for weak spots.

With limited cancer screening, women will just have to rely on God’s infinite mercy as a last resort.

Killer interest won't bring one long fiesta from misery for Uncle Sam

Just when you think there might be some eerie lights of hope flickering through the encircling economic gloom, you get hit with numbers of reptilian coldness.

Do you know what the interest tab is on Uncle Sam’s voracious borrowing?

Try $4.8 trillion. That boxcar total is part absurd, part sinister. And more than half of the $9 trillion in debt the U.S. is expected to build up over the next decade.

Supposedly these record levels of debt have prevented the economy from tanking into the dungeons of hell.

Still, talk about gambling with our children’s chips.

Obama's trip further evidence that the world is now all Chinese

There’s a subtle distinction between driving and being driven, living at full throttle and dependence. If one is moving fast enough, one may not detect when the crossover occurs.
But make no mistake: The crossover has happened!
It’s now clear that China, not the U.S., is in the driver’s seat. The power dynamic is not nuclear weapons. It’s economic dominance. China, not the U.S., is the biggest boy on the block.
The Chinese, not the Americans, are the focal point of the global picture.
President Obama emerged from his trip to China basically empty-handed. At least there were no additional baggage fees incurred. There were no big breakthroughs on critical issues, such as Iran’s nuclear program or China’s currency.
And never mind the administration’s marketing spin that relations between the two countries are at “at an all-time high.” Rhetoric is not currency.
By the way, the one advance on the environment — that the United States may offer a target for carbon-emission cuts to boost climate negotiations in Copenhagen next month if China offers its own proposal — was essentially just chump change.
It seems that, in the end, the United States and China seem even further apart on the key issues of human rights and economic policy than before the trip.
I guess since we’re mere passengers while China takes us for a ride, we had better hope the Chinese don’t become more ornery than dragons with skin rashes.

Offshore tax evaders could be Reading's salvation angels

Apparently nobody is floating through life on a luminous and blessed plane these days, judging by the spate of apocalyptic movies like “2012,” “The Road” and “Collapse.”
With all this traipsing around in end-times scenarios, perhaps we should note that the Book of Revelation, Nostradamus and the Mayan calendar all predicted the City of Reading would become so impoverished by the time the 2010 budget rolled around that tax hikes and layoffs were playing a more shattering tune than musical notes laid on their side.

But does it have to be the end of the world for Reading even though the state and the feds treat it like a piece of loose thread picked from the carpet?

I think not. Let’s be creative.

For instance, the IRS is more flush than a 380-pounder after climbing five flights of stairs.

More than 14,700 U.S. taxpayers came forward to disclose billions in offshore bank accounts in 70 countries under a voluntary amnesty program allowing most to avoid criminal prosecution as long as they pay what they owe.

Sounds like the IRS could spare a dime or two to keep our not-so-fair city from capsizing into an abyss of red ink.

Sarah Palin TV appearances this week may outnumber even the commercials

It’s gonna be an excruciating week, apparently.
You see, Sarah Palin is gonna be all over the media this week. She’s gonna get more face time than even Obama, Leno, Letterman and Stewart.
I’ll have to watch just ESPN and the NFL Network so I don’t snap and sever my own Achilles’ tendons with a hunting knife.
With her Going Rogue coming out Tuesday (I am making a quantum leap here and proclaiming it won’t be the greatest book since the Bible), Palin will be spending more time in our family and living rooms than we will.
It’s “Oprah” today, a five-part interview with Barbara Walters that will be spread like cream cheese across “Good Morning America,” “World News,” and “Nightline” Tuesday, continue on “GMA” Wednesday and conclude on “20/20” Friday night, and possibly an appearance on Fox News with Sean Hannity Wednesday.

Living in the media fishbowl can be addictive and the cycle feeds on itself.
All this from a woman who claims that running in 2012 is not on her radar right now. Maybe that’s because she can only see Russia on her Alaskan backyard radar.
It’s amazing how folks suddenly use the media when they want to sell a book. As you know, the media normally is about as popular as a carbuncle with Palin.
Even with Going Rogue hoping to launch with a full media blitz, she’s accusing the Associated Press of engaging in “opposition research” in fact-checking her book. The AP fact police claim Palin has gone rogue with some facts in Going Rogue.
Since details seemed to escape her throughout the 2008 campaign, can anybody be shocked if her book falls short of being the gospel truth?

A repetitive set of jaw-breaking miscues in the red zone deflate Eagles in loss to Chargers

I’ll save all of you the grimy details of the Eagles’ 31-23 loss to the Chargers in San Diego Sunday because I don’t want you to knit your brows in disgust.
And because I’m selfish and want to bang this out and settle down and watch the Patriots and the Colts.
Suffice it to say the Eagles’ playoff hopes could be in grave peril if they don’t stop being so self-destructive at the very threshold of the goal line. Granted, nobody in the NFC East seems consistently good, so perhaps the Birds can stumble along and still contend. After all, the Cowboys and the Giants play with geraniums for craniums at times, too.
Still, the Eagles’ continued follies in the red zone are no laughing matter but rather cause for some serious dejection. They get busted more frequently in the red light district than a 50-dollar hooker.
San Diego has an aerial circus most weeks and figured to be a real passing fancy against the decimated Philly defense. The Chargers did throw the ball with gusto, but they also ran the ball with ease. LaDainian Tomlinson, a once great back who hadn’t seemed to be in a big rush since the Truman Administration, ran 24 times for a season-high 96 yards and two TDs. At times he exhibited the smooth glide of a guy prancing through dandelions. In fact, the Birds tackled as if they were dandelions.
But the Eagles should have outgunned the Chargers in a pinball shooting match. They gobbled up passing yards as if they were turkeys on Thanksgiving. Donovan McNabb’s right arm should demand overtime wages as he completed 35 of 55 for an astonishing 450 yards, two TDs and an interception. It was the second-highest passing yards total of his career.
The Birds staged a comeback in the fourth quarter, scoring a pair of touchdowns on passes to Jeremy Maclin and Brent Celek, but despite the resuscitation, it really was too little, too late.
That because three earlier drives inside the 20 that resulted in just three field goals already had put Philly on a respirator.
And Brian Westbrook continued to be more fragile than Humpty Dumpty, suffering yet another concussion. And a secondary already thinner than a supermodel with the stomach virus got as thin as a guitar string when Sheldon Brown apparently twanged a hamstring.
It obviously was gonna be a long flight home from the Left Coast for our beleaguered warriors.