Where Obama stood on the public option during the campaign depended on whether his feet were in public or private … which is why he's now assuming a stance of semantics

When you campaign for the presidency, you sometimes put your head in a lion’s mouth with the words you speak. Or don’t speak. Or speak behind closed doors.

Whatever, the whole thing may be enough to drive President Obama to the nearest speakeasy. Which means he ought to come to Reading. There apparently are more speakeasies in town these days than there are cops.
In the deafening maw of debate over health care, which is reaching boiling intensity, Obama seems to be splitting hairs over semantics.
Which is splitting liberals more than the Three Wisemen … also known as Bush, Cheney and Rush … once did.
Obama is claiming he didn’t campaign on the public option, although the public option was included in his health care campaign plan. Obama was covering more ground than Derek Jeter at shortstop during the campaign when he publicly downplayed the public option but evidently frequently mentioned it in private discussions.
I guess private doesn’t count when you’re talking public.
A clever option if there ever was one, especially when your health care plan is getting so polluted it would foul the water at Lourdes.