Tuesday night in Berks vividly bridges the chasm between lush life and sudden death

Life everywhere, which includes Berks County, means different strokes for different folks.
Tuesday night in Berks graphically demonstrated the disparity.
You found dimpled grins here. Fixed scowls there. The dramatic difference was strung so tight you could hang wash on it.
The promise of a wondrous life bloomed abundantly here. Two dead bodies lay growing cold there … the life in them snuffed out for eternity … whatever hopes they once had for life growing cold with them.
At FirstEnergy Stadium, Stephen Strasburg was riding his rocket of a right arm once again to future stratospheric glory in the major leagues. The Harrisburg Senators’ fabulous phenom pitched five hitless innings and knocked in the only run to beat our Reading Phillies.
Life’s possibilities seem enormous for Strasburg. He obviously can’t wait for the Earth to turn again and see what tomorrow brings.
Meanwhile, two women were found slain in the office of the Hillside Motel along Route 422 in Amity Township.
The DA last night would not divulge anything about them except to say were two deceased females. Whoever they were … whatever they did in life … however they died and why they died … all would have to wait for another day. Of course, for them, another spin of Earth’s axis is a moot point. They’re now part of a different plane somewhere.
I guess this merely points out that life is what we make it — with a heavy dependence on benevolent genetics, choices and circumstances.
I don’t know if it really was a better world when everybody smoked cigarettes and emptied distilleries. Perhaps it just seemed so.
Not to be a pop philosopher, but I imagine that when it comes to life we only get a single roll of the dice. Just like when trying to defuse a nuclear missile.